Physical Activity Questionnaire

Below is a list of what physical activities you have spent time on in the last 7 days. Please answer every question, even if you don't see yourself as a very active person. Think about your housework and gardening, the activities you do at work, the things you do to get from one place to another, the activities you do in your free time, such as physical activity or sports. When answering the questionnaire, please consider any vigorous activity that has taken place for 10 minutes or more in the past 7 days.

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Think about any moderate physical activity you've done in the past week. These are activities that last 10 minutes or longer, require moderate physical exertion, and cause breathing a little more often than usual.

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Think about the time you've spent walking in the past week. It can be walking at work, at home, for transportation or just for rest, sport, exercise or hobby.

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The last question is about the times you've spent sitting in the past week. This includes time spent at work, at home, at work or at rest. This includes the time you spend sitting at your desk, visiting a friend, reading, sitting or watching television while lying down.